Experience is a good teacher of skills.  Below are some of my skills and the experiences that helped develop them.


Research Assistant (Seneca Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT), 2010 -)
I lead a team of developers that works on an open source project. My duties include delegating tasks, reviewing work and organizing meetings.

Chairman and Captain of Rugby club ( Kings College Budo, 2002)

I led the team both on the field and off the field. I was responsible for organizing matches, scheduling training sessions and selection of players.

Treasure of School Council (Kings College Budo 2002)

As an executive member of the school council (student body), I was responsible for not only finances but also representing student’s to the school’s administration.

Readiness to learn, apply and develop new technologies

Research Assistant ( CDOT,  2010 – present)
From when I first joined CDOT, I was introduced to the field of research that not only exposed me to new and exciting technologies but also required that I learn them and apply them.

Wardrop Engineering (Mar 2007 – Mar 2008)

I was part of a team that evaluated Windows Vista Enterprise and Microsoft Office 2007 before they were deployed company wide. For Office 2007, I had to develop a customized install image that would be deployed.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Research Assistant ( CDOT,  2010 – present)
As a research assistant at CDOT, I presented for FSOSS 2011. At CDOT, we are trained in presentation skills so that when we attend conferences or talks, we can clearly communicate the work we do.

Peer Tutor (The Learning Centre, Seneca College (Sep 2004 – Dec 2006Jan 2010 – Apr 2010)
I received training in interpersonal and communication skills as part of my job required. That training was put to work as I worked with a diverse group of students that I tutored.

Linux server administration

MBW Consulting (Jan 2003 – Apr 2004)
Working here I was exposed to the Linux operating system. I picked up interest in it and started reading about it and playing around with it. I later took on the task to configure the company’s linux server which at the time I thought was being under utilized. I setup and maintained, a mail server, proxy server, file sharing server, firewall and others.



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