PostgreSQL Support Added to NexJ Express

PostgreSQL solnik

Wow, been a while since I last blogged. But such an occasion calls for putting things aside and taking the time to blog.
After about 1 year of development, the PostgreSQL adapter code passed its final code review (there were 6 in total) and the code was merged into the core repository at Thanks to Minoo and Anastasia who both contributed to the project in the past semesters.

The experience of developing this adapter involved lots of new learning and lots of refreshers. I learnt that there is more to writing code that interfaces with another system than just making it work. There was an emphasis placed on optimizing the code and making use of the things that PostgreSQL is “good at”. And while I got to appreciate PostgreSQL I also got to know that there were some small annoyances with it (I think that when on windows, creating a table space should understand windows folder paths syntax i.e. it shouldn’t be necessary to change C:\path\to\ts to c:/path/to/ts). I also got to appreciate the notation of open source community. It was neat that when I asked questions on the PostgreSQL forums or IRC, I got some very helpfully pointers from the community members. Thanks to RhodiumToad who answered alot of my questions on IRC and also Hiroshi who helped me out with UUID for PostgreSQL x64 on Windows.

To NexJ Express users out there, you now have a choice between two of the leading open source databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL, to use as the data source for your models.


2 thoughts on “PostgreSQL Support Added to NexJ Express

  1. Awesome job! I very much look forward to getting our enterprise application models screaming along on PostgreSQL!

  2. Peter Liu says:

    Congratulations! As a computer science educator, I’m amazed that open source groups such as PostgreSQL and NexJ Express can provide rich learning experiences to someone like Grace.

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