Mac OS X: Run Firefox and Minefield at the same time by launching from the dock.

Most of the solutions for running firefox and minefield at the same time on Mac OS X instruct you to always start the browsers from the command line because you need to pass the arguments “-noremote -p” to the firefox-bin executable.

Here is what the arguments do:
-no-remote Enables running multiple instances of the application with different profiles
-P Starts the Profile Manager were you can choose/create a profile for testing
*** Make sure to uncheck, “Don’t ask at Startup”

So, now have your minefield running from the command-line:
Right click the icon in the dock,
Click Options > Keep in Dock

Close minefied and click the icon in your dock.
Minefiled starts with the same arguments that you had on the command-line and will ask you to choose a profile. Just make sure to choose a different one from the one that firefox is using.

Enjoy testing minefield


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