Becoming an Eclipse Power User: ShortCuts

Remember the first time that you saw some guy using a program that you normally use but that person was doing stuff really fast and efficiently?
I experienced that recently when I sent some time doing code a walk through with some programmers. All I would see is three fingers hitting the keyboard and up comes a pop up to find a file, or class declaration ….
So here are some shortcuts have I found the most useful so far:

  • New to eclipse and have no idea were to find short cuts
    Ctrl+Shift+L (a shortcut to show you a list of shortcuts)
  • Looking for a particular file while working with a lot of packages / projects / files:
    Open Resource
  • Reading through code for the very first time and need to look at a declaration of some variable or class:
    Select the variable and then F3 or Ctrl + left-click
  • Need to know where a method is being called in a project:
    Select the method and then Ctrl+Shift+G
  • Incremental Search (search as you type):
    Ctrl+J then start typing. Pressing Ctrl+J to find next occurrence
  • Go directly to a member (method, variable) of a huge class file
    Go To member
  • Useful links:
    PDF containing shortcuts
    10 time-saving techniques in Eclipse IBM ID required to view
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One thought on “Becoming an Eclipse Power User: ShortCuts

  1. thupten says:

    awesome..i love shortcuts. A big benefit about shortcut is that it doesn’t strain your eyes like a mouse does. With the mouse pointer, your eyes always need to focus on that tiny cursor or arrow.
    shortcuts save time, save eyes..good stuff. thanks.

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