NexJ Server Express: JSON Adapter

So my project has now been defined.
I will be working on extending the capabilities of NexJ Express Server: a J2EE server software that provides cost effective services for deploying highly-scalable, fault tolerant, distributed enterprise solutions. The server framework commonly referred to as “OpenCore” makes use of several open source projects like: Jboss, Apache Xalan, Apache Xerces, JavaMail, JMS and others.

So for my project, for the reminder of the summer, I am to develop a JSON Adapter to expose NexJ server Objects in JSON via a RESTful web service. Have a look at the project landing page on CDOT’s wiki.

current implementation:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<_Collection xmlns="" xmlns:xs=""
 xmlns:xi="" xmlns:ns="">
 <_values xi:nil="true"/>
 <_values xi:nil="true"/>
 <_values xi:nil="true"/>

JSON implementation:

“_Collection”: {
“item”: {
“_keys”: [“primaryTelcom”, “primaryLanguage”, “initials”],
“type”: “Person”,
“locking”: 0,
“_oid”: “104C083E8A4E8A4AD2BAF3011B6A393C97”,
“_version”: 0,
“_values”: [
{“nil”: true},
{“nil”: true},
{“nil”: true}
“firstName”: “Foo”,
“company”: {
“_oid”: “10209394A0D92641BC9E0FCF36DDAD1C23”,
“_version”: 0
“lastName”: “Bar”

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One thought on “NexJ Server Express: JSON Adapter

  1. […] of my first project at CDOT during which I was first introduced to JSON as I developed the JSON RPC adapter. Some of my earlier work on classes from the RPC adapter in  particular: JSONWriter and JSONParser […]

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