Javascript: A Powerful Prototypal Programming Language

Last week I released that I had the wrong idea about Javascript. I always thought that it was not a serious language and that I would get by just fine if I kept up with my C/C++ or C# and just transferred that knowledge to Javascript.
Turns out, Javascript is a whole new game. It does look like C in many ways but its power comes from its difference between C programming family languages. Javascript is prototypal (prototype defines objects) vs C++ which is classical (classes define objects).
What caused the change in me this MSDN article and also i found these really informative videos about Javascript. The first one will help get you head into the right thinking about JS and the others will teach you the stuff you probably did not know that JS can do. enjoy.

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One thought on “Javascript: A Powerful Prototypal Programming Language

  1. aSydiK says:

    Welcome to JS Programming. I, actually, think JS is more functional than prototypical.

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